A beautifully made white wooden bed frame in a clean white painted finish.
It comes with a contrasting wood coloured top plinth which really does add a nice touch to the look of the bed frame.
The head end has flat panel inserts, while at the foot end it has a flat board which goes almost down to the floor to keep the bed frame (and bedroom!) looking neat and tidy!
The bed frame is made with solid wooden slats for the mattress to lay on.
You can also add matching under bed drawers if you wish, which come in a pack of 2. They are on wheels so are really easy to use and therefore don't affect the frame assembly in any way.

Drawer dimensions
100 (L) x 62 (D) x 29.3 (H)cm

Overall Bed Frame Dimensions:

Length 209cm, Width 104cm, Head end height 109cm, Foot end height 45cm