August Blog 2011

The old mattress craftsmanship methods still shine?

Increasingly we are finding that even with all the new technology within the mattress market, often the older skilled workmanship ideas are still some of the bed market leaders with the pocket sprung mattress being ever popular. We often concentrate on how the bed actually looks and compromise on what type of bed we need which is a truly comfortable and supportative sleeping platform.  Customers no longer just want a good looking bed, they want quality and supreme comfort. 

Some of the brand leaders were established well over 100 years ago, Vi-Sprung and Hypnos to name but a few can boast superbly made pocketed mattresses and handmade divan ranges.  Using some of the finest high quality materials these mattress types ooze a quality and luxury unequalled by many.

The Pocket Sprung mattress so called because individual pocketed springs within the mattress work like pistons to shape the mattress to your body providing constant cradling support without uncomfortable pressure areas.  Its a mattress build that has been a consistent mattress best seller due to its sumptuous and comfortable feel.

The coils themselves are usually made from quality tempered steel and twisted into individual springs.  Each spring is then in turn wrapped and sewn into the finest calico cotton 'pockets'.  These pockets are then arranged in a honeycomb pattern in either single or double layers depending on the feel you would like.  Finest natural materials are then used as the comfort layers on either side of the coils, Premium British wool, silks, cashmere, horsetail, luxury cottons and latex.  This part of the process is lengthy with fibres needing to be weighed, blended and hand teased before laying over the pocket springs and then in turn topped with exquisite damask fabrics. Several rows of hand side stitching and hand tufting secures all the coils and fillings in place and by adding a reinforced support edging, it makes each mattress more supportive and long lasting.

As with any mattress type many brands can try to replicate and with using manufacturing processes and more cost effective cheaper fillings and materials you can probably buy a nice comfy one from around the £500.

However for a piece of true workmanship, premium crafted handmade pocketed mattress with natural fillings...... the price tag can end up in the thousands. 

Until you have laid on a handmade mattress or bed in person you can’t really understand the true comfort, why not try it when your next passing a bed or department store, find the pocket sprung bed with an eye watering price tag and grab a pillow. Just make sure you don’t doze off as that will surely be frowned upon.

That said what price should you put on a goods night sleep, obviously everyone’s budget varies greatly but hypothetically speaking, if a high end handmade pocket sprung mattress comes with a 10year guarantee say and its £2000 that’s only around 50p a day .......yes unbelievably just 50 pence a night for luxury for the full 10years.