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A website setup by a dedicated team of Bed enthusists with a combined 45 years of service to the Bed Industry!

We have been selling beds and mattresses of all shapes and sizes over the many years. We deliver from our huge warehouse which is based outside of London, this means it is cheaper for us to hold huge stocks, cheaper premises so we can pass on the savings to you, our customer.

And because we keep almost all of our range of beds and mattresses in stock, means we can deliver to you as fast and the Same or Next Day!  We realise that we all work hard, have little time to wait 4-5 weeks for an item such as a new bed or mattress, so we offer a service which is unrivalled, that yes you really can have you pocket spring, childs mattress, divan set, bed frame...whatever you purchase for the day of your choice, and also see our special size mattress or divan beds too, they are also in stock.



Storage, space, clutter, small houses, small do you solve an issue of space, or the lack of it? Still as popular as ever are the Ottoman Gas lift up storage divan beds and bases. These designs of beds lift up, revealing all the space you will ever need. They offer significantly more space than drawer storage, and they are very easy to lift up and access.

You can also buy the vacuum bags, which, with the help of a hoover, you can put all your clothes into a bag, vacuum seal the bag so that they are compacted down giving you even more storage space. My 2 boys both have lift up storage beds. The eldest has a double side lifting divan base and he ahs 3 guitars in his..that's how much space you get under a bed!  The youngest, he has the smallest bedroom (it is very small) has a single side lifting divan bed base.

Colours - Grey is very popular at the moment. It sounds such a miserable colour "Grey", yet it is a far more practical colur than creams, white and beige. It is actually quite a neutral colour, calming and does go well with a number of other plain colours.  Whether you are looking for a Grey Headboard, grey bed frame or divan bed set please see our full range.


London bed & mattress delivery by Xmas

Where can I get delivery of my new mattress by Christmas?”

“XXXXX Beds let me down again after they promised they could delivery before they closed for Xmas, can you get a bed to me by Xmas?”

Every Christmas we get these questions and more relating to delivery of a new bed or mattress so close to the seasonal shutdown. The LondonBedCentre answer to these questions and more regarding delivery of a new bed or mattress before Christmas is YES. Here at we can deliver our entire range of beds and mattresses by Christmas!!


The Humble Pillow

Did you know? Some fascinating facts about the simple Pillow !
The dictionary defines the pillow as :- noun
1. a cloth case stuffed with feathers, foam rubber, etc, used to support the head, esp during sleep
2. Also called: cushion  a padded cushion or board on which pillow lace is made
3. anything like a pillow in shape or function
In Old English the pillow was originally pronounced 'pylwe'  and in Latin 'pulvÄ«nus'

The shape of pillows and their use for comfort or as decorative items has varied little over time.
History reports that orginally they were used by the wealthiest men in Asia and Greece, they rested their heads and feet on richly embroidered pillows and bolster cushions. Some forms of pillows have also been found in Eygptian tombs, they regarded the head as the seat of life and spent alot of money on highly decorated luxury pillows for the dead.

The old mattress craftsmanship methods still shine?

Increasingly we are finding that even with all the new technology within the mattress market, often the older skilled workmanship ideas are still some of the bed market leaders with the pocket sprung mattress being ever popular. We often concentrate on how the bed actually looks and compromise on what type of bed we need which is a truly comfortable and supportative sleeping platform.  Customers no longer just want a good looking bed, they want quality and supreme comfort. 

Some of the brand leaders were established well over 100 years ago, Vi-Sprung and Hypnos to name but a few can boast superbly made pocketed mattresses and handmade divan ranges.  Using some of the finest high quality materials these mattress types ooze a quality and luxury unequalled by many.


Ahhhh Spring cleaning, perhaps a lick of paint here and there and having a clear out are often on the agenda this time of year. Crikey, even we are clearing some older stock to make way for new.

Its incredible how easily you can completely change the mood in your bedroom or spare room by just doing a couple of simple yet really cost effective things and completely change the style and feel of a room.

Doesn't have to cost the earth either!!

Its Easter, the suns shining, youve got a few Bank holidays coming up and are home and want that bed you keep saying you need to sort out.
You find the mattress you find the frame or storage type base and headboard you have your bed delivered when you would like
To good to be true!!  Not here!! We at LondonbedCentre keep everything in stock and have a fantastic delivery team
No waiting weeks here …..A really busy time for us and rest assured everything on our website is in stock !!
And YES we can deliver during Easter including May Day within our Green day delivery area............



Finally we can say YES YES YES that the does stock same or next day delivery of Mattresses and Complete Bed Divans sets for those of you who want a longer than standard bed. We have a range of mattresses and beds in stock in special length sizes.  For example, we can deliver a 3ft single x 6ft6 long matress, or if want a double mattress that is longer than normal. Also, if there is a size that you can't see on our website but you woudl like it made longer, shorter, wider or narrower than a normal size mattress / bed then please get in touch. In most cases a special sized made mattress or bed can be made and delivered to you with 7 days! Call one of us now, 020 8619 0899


DELIVERIES Beds and Mattresses - Welcome to the new updated website. It has been a remarkably busy year for us and the Christmas period busier than ever. It seems most other bed retailers cannot actually deliver any beds or mattresses within the London area during certain parts of the year as they nearly all use courier companies which shut down over Christmas. There is no substitute for having your own fleet of delivery vehicles then we can deliver your bed or mattress whenever you like! We deliver every single day of the week, same day and even free delivery on Saturday or Sunday.
Remember, we deliver from our huge warehouse of stock, all over London, whether it's within the M25 or outside of it, from Surrey to Streatham, Camberley to Camberwell we deliver beds around London fast, from stock with a Same or Next Day delivery service that is unrivalled.



Freezing cold weather, snow, rain, ice! Nothing has stopped us this year. We have recently changed our delivery policy which was same day bed delivery and free on weekends to free delivery 7 days a week! Our range of mattresses and beds within London has increased to include the new faux leather ottoman beds which have been very very popular. We have new stocks in so we can deliver fast for the Same or Next Day!