May Blog 2011

Bespoke Divan Bases Same Day and Next Day delivery!!

Since LondonbedCentre launched our new divan bases last month they have been selling like hotcakes!!

So many different combinations and coverings to suit all room sizes, tastes and decor.

If you do want a covering to order we expect to be arranging your delivery after only 10-14 days, a superb bespoke bed service.

Londonbeds Whitehall divan bases are proving more popular than ever, a British manufactured really well made quality base with a timber frame inner structure.  All sizes and storage combinations can be ordered in colours to suit with high quality damask, chenille and soft PU Leather coverings.

Single divan bases can be ordered with different high quality coverings and have the option of non-storage, 2 drawer, slider door or either side opening ottomans.  Other sizes are delivered in two sections with the same covering options and several different combinations so you choose what suits your lifestyle.  We stock Ottoman side opening bases,  2 drawer, 4 drawer, jumbo end drawer, end slider and continental half drawers for enabling bed sides to be used in situ.

All come with deluxe twin wheeled beige castors, clips and headboard fixings

So why compromise on your storage when theres no need!! At London Beds You choose.... You mix and match!!

If you need some guidance we are an experienced bunch just a phone call away and happy to answer any questions